Setup your marketing tools in 3 steps


Setup your organization details

Add your company details, set access control permission for your team members to start using marketing tools.


Setup tool

Setup AWS SES email gateway for 100x cheaper email marketing. Setup sales channel partners/affiliates. Import all your contacts, attendees to your own contact database.


Run Smart growth

Run smarter growth with automated tagging of your attendees as contacts, integrated email campaigns, channel partners/ affiliates to increase sales.


Email Campaigns

List Management

Create unlimited lists to subscribe your contacts in addition to smart tagging each contact. Send email campaigns to this list to engage your contacts database. You can send campaign to event specific participants list.

Email Templates

Use Explara’s beautiful templates to send email campaigns. You can use template drag & drop design tool to build your own beautiful templates. All email templates are tested in all browsers and form factors to ensure finest delivery.

Email Gateway

Bring your AWS SES, Mandrill, Sendgrid accounts to send mail via your own email gateway. Reduce your cost to 100x less with AWS SES gateway.

Send Campaign

Send unlimited email campaigns to your list(s). Measure effectiveness of email campaign by analysing reports. Include social media buttons for increased social sharing.

Bounce & Complaint handling

Explara takes care of email bounce and complaint handling for you once your newsletter/ campaign mail is sent.

Contact Database

Import and grow your data

Import your attendees/ members data from Explara, Eventbrite, Meetup, Gmail and all such sources to manage them in one place as your database.

Unified Contacts View

Manage an unified view about your contacts in one place. Enrich the data with various data sources, and tags to build better sense about your contacts.

Smart Tagging

Each contact you import gets automatically tagged with source name (Eventbrite, Explara, Gmail, etc.), and event name. You can add smart tags to make better sense out of your contact database to invite/ engage them for your events.

Sync to Mailchimp

Are you using MailChimp for your email list management? Now add your tagged contacts to your MailChimp List for your communications/ newsletters.

Import from Mailchimp

Import your data from Mailchimp to Explara Marketing Tools to reduce your operations cost and increase your event/ membership engagement by enriching information/ data from event participation.


Subscription Forms

Create subscription forms by adding custom form fields to collect information from your contacts. Offer this subscription form in various campaigns for your user to subscribe to your list.

Send Event Surveys

Send your survey to gather insights for event planning or for post-event analysis. Smartly tag contacts who participates in such surveys and enrich your database.

Event Invitations

Easily send invitations to your contact database to join for your events. Select event specific list(s) to re-engage by offering discount code/ personalized message.

Membership Invitations

Re-engage your contacts database to invite to join for your membership. Backup your expired members data to analyse.

Reports & Analysis

Company Connects

Analyse companies that you are connected to you via the contacts database. This will help you to bring these companies as sponsors/ participating in your events.

Contacts by Tags

Analyse contacts by filtering via tags. This allows you to narrow your search and target specific contacts as per their skill, location, event attendance, membership type and current status.

Campaign Report

Analyse your email campaign reports for opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data. Take the report with you.

Team & Collab


Give your account more power by adding more co-admins. This allows you to collaborate among your key decision makers.

Bring your team

Bring your team members to manage survey workflow such as form builder, database access, campaign,, reports and overall support needed for your application.

Access Control

Enable fine-grained permission level for your team member as per their roles/responsibilities. Each team member can use their own login on Explara to access your membership functionalities.

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